If you go alone by yourself you dont know the deep culture
If you go with a mainstream tour travel they only commercial
Let's meet me and our teams not for profit but for the close to our tradition, nature, culture, and people tour
you will find specific and more knowledge and real experience

This journey is a story among the participants also
between visitors and the visited

A typical reality very personal happened at a meeting between the private intercultural meeting

Endlles Road Adventure specialist for a small independent group and customized tavel, fixer, translator, vacations in Banten, Java Island and neighboring countries in Indonesia.

Banten Green Routes :
(7 days trip)

The sustainability of the routes lies in its essences of cultural heritage and the preservation of traditional Banten life, supporting communities’ natural resource management, art, wisdom, architecture, agriculture, culture, tribe, gastronomy and wellness.

Route :
Jakarta - Baduy Tribe, Kanekes - Ujung Kulon National Park - Pangumbahan Beach, Ujung Genteng -
Bayah Subdistrict - Pelabuhan ratu Beach - Ciptagelar Traditional Village - Citarik, Sukabumi - Puncak, Bogor - Jakarta

more than 1000 kilometers country road

Ring of Fire Route :
Jakarta - Mt Krakatau, Sunda Strait - Mount Gede Pangrango, Bogor West Java - Mt Tangkuban Perahu Bandung - Mt Papandayan Garut West Java - Mt Ciremai Kuningan, West Java- Mt Slamet Banjarnegara Central Java - Dieng Plateau, Wonosobo Central Java - Mt Merapi, Sleman Yogyakarta - Mt Bromo Probolinggo East Java - Mt Semeru Lumajang East Java - Mt Ijen Bayuwangi East Java

For Ring of Fire route you can choose depend you need route for request

We also reserve the right to make modifications or alterations to programs for the safety, comfort, and convenience of the group members as a whole caused by natural factors and weather. Trip members will be notified of such changes as soon as possible.

A week packet minimum 2 participants maximum 5 participants.
More than 5 participants will be separate with another group.
If you have not driving licence, we will driving you
If you can not ride motocross, we will tandem with you
for Paragliding, Rafting, and Caving have Special expert beside you

Service including :
Transportation, 4X4 wheel Drive Car, MotoCross, Parachute equipment, Rafting equipment, Camping Equipment, Accomodation, meal, snack, fruits, soft drink, entrance permits, expert guidance, aqua. , barbeque, Sea Food.

Bonus :
Your journey photo and video on CD

Booking, Rate and Request :
email : endlessroadadv@gmail.com
phone : +628161641400
We will tailor you if have request any place adventure in Indonesia

Friday, June 3, 2011

Bayah Banten - Caving , Speleological (Day 4 )

photo: Tri Iswanto
Bayah is a district in Lebak regency, Banten province, Indonesia. Bayah one place coal mining area. During  the Japanese colonial period built the railroad for  transport of coal from Saketi to Bayah which is about 90 km . Rail construction to sacrifice around 93,000 romusha (Slave worker of Japanese) .In Bayah also lived  one of the characters of Tan Malaka who masquerade under the name a.k Iljas Husein.
Bayah located on the south coast of Java island and its beautiful beaches is an interesting tourist attractions. there are several beaches in Bayah, namely Bayah beach,  Pulomanuk Beach, sawarna beaches, Tanjung Taraje Beach, Tanjung Karang beach,  Ciantir and others.  

photo : Tri Iswanto
In Pamung Bulan Village. This area can be found in several caves such as:

Cilauk Cave
location  in Lebak Tipar
This cave is located 5 km from Simpang Wangun and trips taken by tracking. This cave is an underground river cave.

Cininik Cave
Location in Mt. Curi 
This cave is a vertical with a depth of 40 meters, this cave entrance diameter of 3 meters  and has a depth of approximately 35 m. And this can be found in the chamber cave. In this cave there is a very narrow hallway and just enough to fit a body and a thin oxygenated.

Cilalay Cave 
Location in Mt. Curi

This cave is a horizontal cave. Explorer only takes approximately 2.5 hours. This cave has see-through tunnel and if we look at the bottom there is the river that flows there in.

Cijengjeng Cave
Location in Mt. Curi 
This cave is a vertical cave with a diameter of 5 meters at the entrance of the cave. And has a depth of approximately 10 meters.  In cave have a chamber cave  which diameter approximately 15 meters.

Sawarna Beach
Ciantir Coast District Sawarna Bayah Lebak district, is a very beautiful beaches and attractive, with a distance of approximately 150 km from  Rangkasbitung. Offers stunning beaches with spectacular waves are perfect for enjoying your surfing sports, and has become a new paradise for surfers.

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